Restaurant Point of Sale

Full Service

Timer Release Holds

Simply put entrees on a “hold” timer to release the entrees to the kitchen when the timer goes off.
Never forget to release items again!

Splitting Checks & Closing Seats

A server can close out individual seats on the split check screen which then make the closed seat disappear. This speeds up the close out process and makes checks easier to manage.

Reservations & Wait List

Reservations and wait list come standard in MicroSale. Reservations will send an automatic email confirmation to the party’s contact person.

What’s the Wait? Mobile Wait List also available

Table Management

MicroSale’s table management provides a clear view of the dining room or patio. Shortcut keys are available for servers to join tables, print checks, close checks, or see times each individual item was rang in per check.

Do you have multiple bar areas in your hotel?

When using tablets and servers are allowed to migrate throughout the building, they could end up venturing quite a distance from their “home” station. Using the “on the fly printer routing” feature, a server can choose where to print items.

Quick Service

Conversational Ordering

Staff can take orders in a conversational tone and go outside the parameters of sequential programming.

Error Correct

Only allows your cashier to delete the last item on the virtual check to
prevent theft.

Preselection Combos

Preselects help cashiers enter items quicker. Simply pick your combo item and drink, then MicroSale will pull in the default size and side choice

Combo Detection

The software recreates a la carte items into a combo with the appropriate price. This helps the customer save money and prevents the cashier from having to reenter items.


Pay at the Window (Drive-Thru)

Cashiers can take payment from the customer at the window while simultaneously taking an order from the speaker-all on the same terminal.

Break-in Order

Reconfigures orders on QSR kitchen video for customers who accidentally pass the order speaker.

Park Car and Timer

The “Park Car” feature begins a timer that shows how long the customer has been waiting. This helps prevent forgotten orders and keeps employees aware of the wait times.

Drive-Thru Cameras

Using a free interface with IP cameras, a photo is taken when the first menu item button is touched on the order screen.

The pictures help staff accurately match the order to the customer, thus cutting down on botched orders.

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